Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mobilize Your Office with NeoRouter

What’s the hot technology this year? Android device! Not only Android smartphones, but also tablet/pad and netbooks will have Android OS installed. With the 3G or WiFi support, we can be on the Internet anywhere, anytime. A lot of NeoRouter users asked for the mobile version. We’ve been working hard and it’s under beta testing now!

NeoRouter for Android allows you access and manage remote computers using your Android phone. You can see the computer list, computer status, and you can connect to your desktop PC/Mac from your cell phone. Linux users can use ConnectBot to ssh to the computer over the NeoRouter virtual network; Windows uses can use any third party RDP/VNC client software to see the desktop; with some file sharing software, you can also download files to/from your cellphone.

Why NeoRouter?

Though Android gets more popular, there are a few VPN solutions on it. By default, Android comes with PPTP and L2TP client support. Needless to say, those are pretty old protocol and not secure enough. OpenVPN is a good option. However, there is no official support. To be able to use OpenVPN, users have to root the phone. Though it’s not too difficult for a technical guy, there is still risk causing your $500 phone brick. Why need to root? Because OpenVPN requires the tun/tap devices. By default, Android does not enable the drivers. So some smart guys customize the Android and add those drivers to make it work. What is I don’t want to take the risk? Try NeoRouter.

NeoRouter does not require root the device because of its unique technology. Most NeoRouter users know about the NeoRouter portable version, which using the same technology. It works as a bridge or proxy and redirect the connections from third party software to the remote computer in the NeoRouter virtual network. Almost all TCP based software can run over the NeoRouter network in this way. While running, the NeoRouter software does not require admin permission and run just like a normal application.


* Make your connections encrypted
* No need to remember the computer IP address and expose the port to the Internet
* Monitor computer status in a click
* Support various third party software

Feel free to download and give it a try!

NeoRouter team

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