Tuesday, January 20, 2009

NeoRouter - the network revolves around you

Welcome to the NeoRouter blog. We are really excited to announce that after many months of long hours and really hard work, we have launched the latest version 0.9.4. Thousands of users have now downloaded and tried our betas since the first version is published. We are very happy with the response from users and it is a great achievement that demonstrates the interest among users for this new product line.

NeoRouter is a cool VPN and remote access software that offers a FREE, SIMPLE and UNLIMITED way to bring you a cozy Internet life.

With NeoRouter you can remotely control your computers, access your files, photos, videos, printers from anywhere just like at home. NeoRouter helps you create an encrypted virtual network over the Internet that you can get in from anywhere by couple of clicks.

Check out NeoRouter at www.neorouter.com to learn more and begin creating your own network.